Importance Of Time Management

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Time management is a big deal in our society to this day and especially for me. Time management is the process of planning on the amount of certain activities you participate in or plan to take place in. For me there are so many things I need to go over about time management such as, how I can improve my time managing, What I need to work on, and blocking out the unnecessary things to increase my time managing. I don't even know where to start because theres so much I could improve. First off, I would like to start on is blocking out the unnecessary things that I do that I could block out. Things like this would be like watching to much tv, playing video games when I should be doing homework, going to the gym more than doing other things or going to hang out with friends during the week instead of doing my homework because I would have more free time. I like to watch a lot …show more content…
I get distracted easily in things I like to do and its horrible I admit that. If I was going to limit my self on watching tv and do my homework more so I don't do it at night all the time is simply just turn the tv off and set the remote somewhere so I don't have the urge to get it and watch certain shows. I mean studying and doing homework for school is one of the biggest things to do on my free time that I don't do and I should do more. Video games. I play video games more than I do watching tv and it can get out of hand a little I know. I think its more of the fun and getting into so much I get distracted from my other plans and then its really to late and that shouldn't happen at all. I also love going to the gym. its a guy thing for most of us who just wanna look good but, I do it not only for that but I feel so much healthier when I do and it gives