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May 10, 2015
Internationals Student Make Friends In American
There are many ways international students can make friend in the US. First, one of the best way to make friends is to join a club. There are a lot of clubs in colleges or university such as international group, music group, and sports group. Groups have many members from around the world, and they also are looking to make friends. Students will get easily to choose a group. Then, students can join and make friends. When students are member in their group, they can enjoy activities or volunteer to help. Students will have chance to talk and work together. Club activities easily into social activities, students can go to the movie or restaurant with members in their group. After that, students have a close relationship with their friends. For example, Bellevue College have many activates every months like free International night, Asian week, Talent show. They always need volunteers to help them prepare. Students can register become volunteer to help them. Students will have chance to meet and talk with students come to party and members. Second, the way help students make friend is there smile. Students are different cultures, religions in the college, but the smile is the same. One of the easy things students can do to make relationship is smile. Students will feel close to others, and people want to know more about you. Everybody want surround themselves with happy and positive people. Students