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The movie industry is like any industry, it evolves with time. The standard of going to watch a film, and the only place to watch it was a movie theater, has changed. Movie theaters began many years ago as just a standalone building with one screen that played one movie. That has evolved into theaters that house up to 24 plus screens. You only had one chance to watch a movie and that was going to the theater. But than someone came up with an idea to put the movies on TV and than they came up with putting those movies on a tape for people to watch over and over. Thus the VCR had developed. The video cassette recorder was a device that allowed a movie to be put on a tape for view at home, kind of like a "mini" 35mm film. Vincent Canby of the New York Times said of the VCR, "This [ . . . ] is comparable to the advent of television nearly 40 years ago, which eventually swept away the huge, grandly ornate movie palaces of the 1920s and left in their place small, utterly functional, faceless theaters, clustered under one roof and known by their numbers" (Goodykoont & Jacobs, 2011). His belief was that VCR would end movie theaters. This, however, was not the case as movie theaters went on to be bigger and offer more movies. With the advent of technology, new means of distributing movies began. Not only after VCR came then the use of DVDs and Blu-Ray, but we also had the internet that allowed for more streaming of movies. Companies such as Red-Box, Blockbuster, and Netflix added to