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Interview and Networking Presentation
I have been told that I express myself quite well by demonstrating good articulating skills. My hand movements and postures represent my confidence level. It was noted that at times I over do with my hand movements which may divert the listeners attention. In future I will keep in my mind to restrain myself and focus more on delivering content verbally. The one thing which in particular was told to me was about my eye contact. I keep rolling my eyes and whenever I take a pause while thinking. It sometime shows that I am not sure about what I am saying or I am just taking a wild guess. In future I will work on it by preparing the answer in my head at the same time when the question would be asked. It will give me a base and solid content to speak about. Moreover, I will try to practice more and more mock interviews specifically taking this point into account. The tone and voice modulation went perfectly well. The interviewer was constantly engaged in the conversation. I would concentrate more upon building a strong verbal content in mind before speaking. As soon as the question will be thrown to me I will build a solid answer to it in my mind.
In the mirror I noticed that my facial expressions were appropriate. I was able to deliver my enthusiasm and stress through my expressions. Also during listening I was able to attentive and curious expressions. The scope for improvement for me would lie on the eye contact aspect. I would focus more on building a continuous eye contact and would also present a more ease out expression than a tense one.
In the video, I was clearly able to see that my hand movements were more than required. May be because I was