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Katherine Jeansonne
Chapter 4

Job Analysis Information Sheet

Job Title:
Bed Maker
Overall Purpose:
To remove used mattress and replace with clean mattress. Making the mattress look nice and neat.
Supervisory Duties:
Job Duties:
1) Remove the used pillows, blanket, coverlet, flat sheet and fitted sheet from the mattress.
2) Remove the used pillow cases from the pillows.
3) Place 3 pillows on the left night stand and 2 pillows on the right night stand.
4) Replace the fitted sheet by unfolding the sheet and placing it on the mattress.
5) Then tuck in the two bottom corners in first, then tuck in the top right corner.
6) Replace the flat sheet by unfolding it and placing it on the mattress.
7) Straighten the top right corner of the flat sheet, then the bottom corners.
8) Complete the top left corner of the fitted and flat sheets at the same time.
9) Unfold the coverlet and place one the mattress and straighten it.
10) Unfold the blanket and place on top of the coverlet.
11) Tuck the blanket and coverlet under the bottom corners of the mattress.
12) Straighten the blanket and coverlet and make a hospital corner on the right side of the mattress by tucking in the bottom half of the blanket and coverlet under the mattress.
13) Get the pillow cases.
14) Straighten the top left corner of the blanket and coverlet.
15) Fold down the flat sheet, blanket, and coverlet together.
16) Tuck the flat sheet, blanket and coverlet, on the left side, under the mattress to make a hospital corner at the bottom left corner of the mattress.
17) Put pillow cases on 3 pillows and tuck the ends into the case.
18) Place 2 of the pillows against the head board, one on the left and in the center and center the third pillow in front of the 2 pillows.
19) Finish folding and tucking in the blanket, coverlet, and flat sheet on the right side of the mattress.
20) Put pillow