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Unit 6 Job profile Liam Flanagan

Job title:
Food bank
Place of work:
Five main tasks:
One task I have to do in the food bank is un load vans which contain fresh fruit and vegetables and your normal house hold products like cereals, meat and spaghetti this sometimes can be heavy lifting but sometimes it can be light as there is only a couple of things to take. Another task in the food bank was to check the dates on all the products, this is important because if this doesn’t happen, the service users will get inedible food. Also we have to make bags to give to the service users, this swill contain things like cereal, milk, fish, meat, chocolate bars, vegetables, potatoes, crisp, biscuits and tea. Another thing I did in the food bank is deliveries this is where we go out and drop of the food parcels to people’s houses, this is good because you get to see the people who you deliver them to. The final task in the food bank is separating and checking the paint they store in there, we have to do this in case someone is in need of paint so they will sell/give it to them so they can live in a nicer home.
What are the main responsibilities of the job?
The main responsibilities of the food bank is to put correct things in the bags as if you give a vegetarian meat products they won’t be