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Company Profile
The purpose of the report is to maximize the learning skills and use them in practical in everyday life. Sysco is one of the largest distributors of food and food related products and other products in North America. Sysco was founded by John Baugh in Houston in 1969 as a wholesale food distributor. The company went public in 1970. The company expanded their business every year adding more products, brands and become a huge company now. The company has 146 locations and 47,000 employees working to support their daily operations. Operating from distribution Centre in Mississauga, they are a full-time distributor of over 10,300 food service products. They
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I also think that without prospecting a sales person cannot reach his established goals and task. The main prospecting method in this business is to build relationship with restaurants because they are the one who buy more products. Prospecting helps him to find, grow and develop new customers.
Shawn has to provide customers with a consultative solution to assist them in maximizing their profitability by helping them with their menus and their marketing. Prospecting Methods-
Visit customer: Shawn often visit restaurant and know the need of those then he prepare for that prepare the slides according to their needs.

Cold calling: Firstly Shawn said they need to know that the customer need the product then they do cold calls to know that they need and what kind of products so they prepare themselves according to their needs.


The sales person prepare for the meeting with the customer. He prepares the slides for the product with images and took some samples with him. He also did research on the pizza store that what recipes they are making so that they know what product they buy from Sysco. He put as much as information he put in slides in less words as the wants of customer. He also provide some examples why there product is better than other companies.

He has great knowledge of his product and his competitor’s products. He has the list of price of other companies so that the customer cannot say that they