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Hello. I am Anna Jewell and I am a junior here at Sacred Heart University. I am studying Business Administration and management in the Welch College of Business. I enjoy working in business environments such as Northwestern Mutual, which is where I am currently employed. I took this class because I enjoy reading various different magazines ranging from Cosmopolitan to Women’s Health magazines. I love the type of magazines that target my age group. I think these types of magazines have articles and stories that are relatable to my own life, i.e health, fitness, relationships, school. If I am going to sit down and read a magazine I want to know that it is going to have my attention and make me want to find out or learn more about what I’ve read.

I read about two magazines a month. I treat myself to magazine reading because it is a really great way to learn some fun tips about health, beauty, fitness, traveling, fashion, etc. Cosmopolitan is one of my favorite magazines. I find that I pick one up every few months just to see what new tips and articles they have. After reading them I typically learn something interesting or feel compelled to go out and buy a new beauty product for fun. Women’s Health is another one of my favorites because I am very proactive and interested in health and fitness. This magazine provides so many useful articles that give me new information on workouts and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Magazines that I am not fond of are the gossip genre such as In Touch and OK! I personally think they are junk and don’t provide readers with useful or relatable information.

If I could work for any magazine I think it would be Women’s Health. At this point in my life I am very focused on fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working at a magazine like this