Leadership Assessment Essay

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MGMT 615
Leadership Assessment
Mary M. McMurrin
University of Maryland University College

Final Paper

In order for someone to be an effective leader, one would have to bestow certain skills and characteristics or some can be obtained over a period of time. Various assessments and questionnaires are designed to measure and give insight on certain skills or traits an individual may have. Some of those assessments include the skills inventory, leadership trait questionnaire, style questionnaire, leadership questionnaire, least preferred coworker, path goal, LMX, and the authentic leadership self-assessment. By conducting these questionnaires and assessments, not
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I also have to utilize my skills while participating in a group that monitors nursing homes within Baltimore County, to address any complaints or issues of concern patients may have. I speak and bring awareness of complaint issues to administrators, nurses, doctors, and aides in regards to how the patients are treated, with the goal of ensuring adequate care while avoiding all types of abuse. Since various types and degrees of abuse are prevalent in nursing home settings, I utilize my skills to combat such issues while working with a team of professionals. While completing the assessment, my strengths were evident in the area of being relationship motivated. I demonstrate all of the skills effective and necessary for dealing with others such as: • Willing to admit when wrong • Friendly and caring • Excellent team player • Compassionate and Empathetic • Trust-worthy and Reliable • Tolerant and Patient
All of these characteristics have come naturally for me and I use during my every day transactions with people I come in contact with. I have always been outgoing, personable, I also have the skill of masking my real feelings while putting my feelings and thoughts to the side to make others feel at ease, which to some may appear to be a negative trait, but in my line of work it has always been to my benefit when dealing with