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Learning support center The learning support center located at MUK 113 has substantial resources to provide students with supplementary academic help in various subjects to all the fellow students. The goals of the learning support center is help student to straighten their learning skills, problems solving skills and critical thinking skills in small interactive group with other fellow students, tutors as well as the faculty members. There are three ways to receive academic help from learning support center which are free drop in, write credits and eTutoring. Free drop is provides by fellow students who has distinctive achievement in the particular subject. Write credit is for student who is seeking on writing can register one or two credits in Write95 and Write101 with an instructor help. ETutoring is a free charge online academic help source that available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The available tutoring subjects are math, the sciences, the humanities, and social sciences, which covered most of courses in campus. The reason I mentioned the learning support center offers substantial resources is because I have experienced all three different helps in both writing and math. Last quarter, several peer students had helped with my math90 class. With their helps, math didn’t seem hard to me. I appreciated a lot. This quarter, I had a drop in help for writing two weeks ago, one of the peer student whose name is Tony offered me help. After he checked me in, we introduced ourselves briefly with name, classes and how do I want to be helped. I showed him the paragraph that I wrote for the English class. He browsed the paragraph and pointed out some mistakes. After that, we started look at the mistakes one by one. He explained each one clearly; soon I understood all of them. Then, I told him my stubborn grammar problems such as prepositions and verb tense. He explained the rules and the common mistakes of the grammar problems. At the end, he brought me some of the grammar work…