Legal Studies Essay

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Legal Studies
1. Individual Rights which means all people have the fundamental rights which are also personel in character and these rights are universal and applies to all people at all times and the collective rights include rights for alll persons at all times and occur as a result of the social nature people.
2. Group and Collective Rights these rights arise on the basis of people living with others and they cannot be exerciseed personelly and the Collecive Rights are those that arise by virtual of the needs of group of people.
3. Individual Groups are personally exercisable and are also indivuidually expressed and the rights to education and the rights to shleter and the right to life. Collective Rights are non-exclusive and should not be given to some groups and also not the others. Groups rights are the additonal rights that arise by virtual of minority status.
4. The Denial of Rights is
5. Envionmental rights is the right for people to be represented by the communities and the societies to enjoy the safe and healthly enviornment and the Peace rights are the right for the people to live free of the fear f the violence or war or disputes and strife.
Catholic Studies
Page 7 1890-1914
- Protestants identified themselves with the non-labour political parties and their emphasis was a moral and temperature reform (banning consumption of Alcohol)
- Catholics identified with the Labour Part
- Increase in Catholic influence in the Labour Party Doctor Mannix