Lesbians Adoption Essay

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Should Same Sex Adoption be allowed?
In the beginning of time, God created woman for man. God did so that one day man would leave his mother and father to find his wife. There are a lot of people who still live by this ancient spiritual creed. In today’s age man and woman both have changed that creed. The people of today seem to believe they were born gay or lesbian. So, why is it left up to humans to decide whether they should be able to have a family? Some say a child that grows up in a same sex home will only repeat the cycle and grown mentally confused. Majority believe that an adopted child’s chances are the same as other children if not better. For instance, they will grow up to be stronger and smarter than most kids, they will be more successful in college, and it would get more children out of the system. First of all, when a child grows up in a same sex home face not only normal childhood bullying, but also verbal bullying from adults who thinks is blasphemy. Most same sex parents grow up in broken homes or with parents who despise their very existence. Something that harsh only makes them want to love even harder. All they want to offer is love, time, and patience something they rarely or never received from their mother or father. Love, time and patience are things most mother and father homes lack. Although, they may tell a child on a daily bases they love them they rarely show it. When a child grows up knowing both parents love them equally they grow immune to the cruel world, because all that matters are the two loving parents at home. Secondly, in same sex relationships education is the key to their success. It is a lot harder for them to get jobs because of this judgmental world. So, it only comes natural for them to push education even harder on the child. If a child is given the chance to be put in a home where everything is harder for the parents it only pushes them to excel to live great lives. Whereas in a normal home there is a possibility they’re subject to government handouts. There are some that would disagree with that, but think about same sex couples they fight to fit in with normal society. Most of them go above and beyond just to be accepted, so imagine their financial statuses. This could possibly decrease our college dropout rate in the near future.