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Letter to the Editor In the article “Kids are comfortable with diversity. Give us a gay princess already.” you speak of how America is ready for more nontraditional families in television shows, specifically children’s shows. You tell us that a year ago the Cheerios commercial with the mixed child brought up a lot of controversy but less than a year later when they did it again that there was barely anything said about it. I agree that not much was said about it and that America is growing and is becoming more accepting of biracial families but I do not believe that reflects how a lot of people feel about making television shows for children that have gay parents in them. The fact that not much has been said about the new television show “Good Luck Charlie” does say that maybe America is becoming more accepting of alternative families on television. Also you say that in the movie “Frozen” they have a short scene of a family that has two fathers and I have not heard any controversy with that movie either. Maybe I am crazy but I find it very hard to believe that in this country where everyone is free to speak their minds that these issues are not being fought. People protest same sex marriages all the time and the issue doesn’t even affect them directly in most cases but no one is saying a word about airing children’s shows with same sex parents?
America does seem to be more accepting of issues more and more but obviously there are still a lot of problems when it comes to same sex marriages. Seventeen out of fifty states recognize a same sex marriage, which is one third of the country. I believe that not too much is being said about these same sex parents in the shows because not many people know about the show. I had no idea that Disney has a show with same sex parents and that the movie Frozen has a scene of a family with two fathers. When only one third of the country is allowing same sex marriages to be legal in the first place, I find it very difficult for you to say that Disney’s lesbian moms were no big deal.
Furthermore, when you say “Disney is taking steps in the right direction, and as the biracial Cheerios ad seems to show, Americans are ready for more” How does American accepting the biracial family in the Cheerios commercial say that we want television shows for children to have gay parents in them? They are two totally different subjects