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Part 2
Doing this vision board has been quite enlightening to me about what I want in the future, what are my values and the steps or rather the pattern in which I want those achievements.
As a naturally over thinking person, I decided to not think too much just as suggested and googled random search phrases that came to my mind; then chose the first picture that appealed to me and copy and pasted them; in order of the search phrases.
Looking at the finished group of pictures, I realised one thing; those pictures actually depict what I am going through at the moment to what I want to achieve in life.
The first picture with the man on a boat was the result of the search phrase ‘braving the storm’. This is what I feel I am currently going through in life; turbulent times in the form uncertainties regarding my visa after this session (I’m an international student), then the question about what happens after graduation etc.. The next picture is about perseverance, in lay man’s terms, hanging in there and not giving up and succumbing to pressures. And hence, the journey to success has begun.
Travelling through the roads of life and going to different destinations at the end of those roads, all of which would ultimately lead to that one thing everyone is looking from life; success! Success is different for different people. Success for me is finding a stable life, finding a permanent place of abode, finding a person to call my own and going through the