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Charles Bradley: Making it in America

Making it in the music industry is a close to a one in a billion chance. Its always amazing to hear all the success stories. Those stories however always have a theme. They are all young. An older man, Charles Bradley stands out to and breaks this occurring theme. In his sixties, Charles Bradley wants to pursue an impossible dream. The dream of making it in music industry in America. Charles Bradley: Soul of America follows the extraordinary journey of the singer during the months leading up to the release of his debut album "No Time for Dreaming." He was abandoned as a child, he was in a state of homelessness, the devastating loss of his brother and constant poverty. Despite all that, Charles never gave up on his life long dream to be a professional singer. He gets signed with Daptone Records. With the help of producer and Grammy-winner Gabriel Roth and musician Tommy Brenneck, finds and develops his own sound. He moves away from the James Brown covers that he has been performing. Earning himself an opening spot on tour for Sharon Jones, the biggest artist in the Daptone stable. Charles delivered the most passionate performances of his life. Brought up, during one of the worst economic downturns in history, Charles' heartfelt songs about tragedy, the downfall of the American dream, and hope for a better world and the dream he's been chasing for 48 years was starting to become a reality. When he finally gets a first taste of success, Charles couldn't escape the theme that had followed him since birth. When the mortgage on his 87-year-old mother's house threatens to cost him everything, Charles hit a new low. To then, reach the top again, with his sold out album release. Loved by critics and fans alike, "No Time For Dreaming" became one of the best-selling independent records of the year, landing on Rolling Stone magazine's top 50 albums of 2011 and being on coveted spots on late night shows with Jay Leno and Carson Daly. Scoring more than 1.5 million views online, his music video was quickly played by VH1 and bookings began pouring in. In the time since his astonishing debut, Charles has been continuing to rise. He tours the world to crowds, pouring his soul out at each show as if it's his last. This story of Charles Bradley, is one of many of