Looking for Credible Sources Essay

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Looking for Credible Sources
The first source is from an Encyclopedia and the title is Bullying in School Overview. The sources authors are B., Deborah Denise, Geier, and Lee. This source is more of what teenage bullying really is from the start to where it is now. It is more of an informative article to help you to understand teenage bullying a little better. This source meets that the definition of credible because it come from the ITT Virtual Library which consists of books, periodical databases that provide access to journals, authoritative encyclopedias, and subject dictionaries. This is a definition within the source that defines Asperger syndrome; “Asperger syndrome: A neurological disorder associated with autism that is characterized by normal intelligence and language development, but marked by deficiencies in social and communication skills. Such individuals can easily become victims of bullying”. This source would be accepted by an academic paper because it shows all its sources and come from an encyclopedia which is made up of factual information.
The second source is a government site that informs people about bullying and gives you information in preventing it. The title that I came across when using the site was “Bullying Definition”. This source is more of an informational source that helps others to learn the effects of teenage bullying and give you information on how one can stop it from happening if you come across a bullying situation. “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” This statement is from the article that describes bullying. I believe this source would be credible because it’s a government site to help you with the troubles of bullying.
The third source is titled “Bullied Eighth-Grader Incorrectly