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Marketing Management

Marketing Management
Throughout the history of human social activities, marketing has played an important role in communicating the value of a product or services to customers; it appears wherever a market exists. At the beginning, there were only a handful of basic ways of marketing. As time goes by, it transforms into various kinds of methods in present, the organizations or individuals get much more choices to make the decisions which one is suitable for them. Since the computer has been invented, the expression of marketing becomes more interesting and active in most ways; some of marketing programs are more functional. However, in order to survive in today’s market, all the marketers need to be more creative and flexible about their produces or customer services in any environment. Thus, customers will more be likely to purchase their products. In order to be an effective marketer, he or she must know what customers want and what will ultimately convince them to make the purchase. However, achieving an effective marketing strategy can be difficult as consumers begin get involved with trade in the market, such as a restaurants, factories or international trade corporations, etc. Yet there are a less number of groups or individuals could actually successful. As a result of the time of environment is not perfect, maybe the marketing plan does not go well, or the profit of revenue is not enough, etc. All in all, there are some factors of success in the market business that people are difficult to control. Marketing management is the process of all activities and decisions of companies during the time of their trades in the market. A great number of people work or have corporation business in the market, and all people purchase in the market on daily basis. Therefore, it is better for every single people to learn and know more about the knowledge of marketing management, such as market definitions, modern markets, marketing environment, consumer behavior, marketing management process, training in marketing, types of marketing and global marketing.
Market Definition
The market has existed for a long time. Wherever humans have lived, people could always easily find a market in the neighborhood. No matter big or small, simple or fancy, people can always find something they need and wanted. Mullins, Walker and Boyd (2008) defined a market comprises of persons and associations who are interested and would like to purchase a specific good to attain advantages that will satisfy particular requirements or desires, and who has the sources (time, funds) to attract in such a business. A number of markets are adequately uniform that a corporation can train an accordant marketing project. However, due to humans have diverse requirements, desires, and sources; the whole populace of the world is rarely a possible market for a single good or serving. The number of markets were numerous and convenient, in that people could do business in several location, as well as find any product they needed.
Modern Marketing
Living in a fast growing, technologically advanced world, marketing in the present is becoming more and more complex. People do not just do some business or purchases in the regular market anymore. A number of them could just stay at home and do all their marketing things. Kotler, Keller, Ang, Leong, and Tan (2006) claimed marketing is all over the place, officially or unofficially, folks and groups take part in a huge amount of activities that can be named marketing. Fine marketing has become more and more of an essential factor for trade achievement; marketing deeply influences people’s daily lives. It is implanted in anything people doing the clothing we wear, the web pages we link on and the advertisements we see. As a modern human, everyone needs to learn and know more about marketing which affects people in any unexpected ways. Normal people do not even notice it when it appears.

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