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Marketing Plan Proposal
Team members:
The company we chose to create a marketing proposal for is a large tech company called Huawei. Huawei is a Chinese technology and telecommunications company, it was founded 1987 in Guang Zhou, China. Huawei started out as a reseller of PBX switches (private branch exchange) for a Hong Kong company. Eventually they began developing their own telecom equipment in house to sell. With that decision, Huawei started its own business empire.
Our research so far has been based on materials online and the information from the Huawei website. We expect all further information to be from secondary sources just like all the data we have collected so far.
Because of the rumor of the military background and the involvement of Chinese government, Huawei is experiencing severe discrimination through the whole of North America. Because of political issues and repression by the U.S. government, Huawei can’t get its window of opportunity to enter the North American market. This is the primary marketing strategy problem for Huawei.
Huawei has a good international reputation; it successfully opened the market in Europe, South America and Africa. The current market share should be enough for a new rising company to start with and depend on. But the ambition of Huawei is too big to fulfill. With the long-running monopolization of Cisco in the telecommunications market, the difficulty of competing with Cisco is gigantic. There is a saying that Huawei doesn't have the muscle to rassle with Cisco. Cisco is currently in control of over 40 billion US dollars, but Huawei is only near 60 billion RMB. The currency exchange rate is 1:6. There isn't a good chance to win a business war with the opponent 6 times bigger than you. So, it is not wise to start the competition right now. Huawei should use their advantages in Europe and Africa to grow and develop. So, the attitude of Huawei towards Cisco and the business circle in North America is too hasty and there is a good chance that Huawei could fail in achieving its goals.
Another marketing strategy problem of Huawei is that it expanded too much. Huawei extended its touch into almost every facet of the tech business environment such as cell phones, internet support, tech communication and all the surrounding