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To: Seek Ideal Group Inc. Board of Directors

From: Chamroeun LIM Seek Ideal Group Inc. President & Cofounder

Date: January 12, 2014

Subject: Proposal to Have an On-Going Marketing Research Studies

Attached you will find my proposal for an on-going marketing research studies, as well as the result and analysis of our initial marketing research studies conducted by the marketing department. With your support, our research team was able to determine the causes of sale decrease and the increasing number of customer dissatisfactions:

1. Marketing messages were
2. Ads were not deliver a-call-to-action for consumers
3. No tracking system for the effectiveness of the existing marketing campaign
4. Negative branding image
5. Insufficient consumers’ demographic profiles

Seek Ideal Group Inc. experienced a decrease in sale revenue during the fourth quarter of 2013. The customer satisfaction department also received many complains. The sale and marketing department raised concern over the effectiveness of the existing marketing campaigns. Given multiple business lines that the corporation currently managing and its recent establishment in Cambodia, an ineffective marketing strategy can lead to a negative return on investment and resources.

Therefore, the need for an ongoing marketing research is critical for the survival of the corporation in the short term—as well as sustainable growth in the long run.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via-email at and/or via-phone at 017920802 for further questions regarding the analysis and the interpretation of the marketing research, as well as the proposal.

Once again thank you for your support of our research studies request, and we hope that you will find an on-going marketing research is essential to our Seek Ideal Group Inc. I am looking forward to present these findings and proposal to our Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors during this upcoming meeting.

An On-going Marketing Research Studies
Seek Ideal Group Inc.

Prepared for

The Board of Directors
Seek Ideal Group Inc.

Prepared by

Chamroeun LIM
Resident & Cofounder of Seek Ideal Group Inc.

January 22, 2014

Table of Content

Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
Initial research FindingS 6 potential problems and solutions 7
Conclusion and recommendations 8
References 9

Executive Summary

This proposal is a direct respond to the high number of dissatisfied customers and the declining in 4th quarter sale revenue. Seek Ideal Group Inc.’s has conducted an initial marketing research studies as an initiative to better understand its consumer’s needs and wants. Most importantly, the purpose of the proposal is to seek a higher, measurable, return on marketing investment and resources for the five business lines of Seek Ideal Group Inc. through an on-going marketing research studies.

The initial research found that Seek Ideal Group Inc.’s marketing campaign in general:

1. Confused marketing messages
2. Unconvinced marketing ads
3. No marketing tracking system
4. Negative brand image
5. Insufficient consumers’ demographic profiles

In respond to these findings, Mr. Chamroeun LIM and his marketing team proposed the following recommendations:

On-going marketing research studies to better understand consumers’ needs and wants
Grounded theory as primary research method
Phenomenological inquiry as supporting research method

In summary, grounded theory and phenomenological inquiry methodologies are ideal for this on-going marketing research studies proposal because phenomenological inquiry is a respondent-centered strategy that is useful for understanding the Seek Ideal Group Inc.’s consumers’ experiences, beliefs, and