Essay on Meeting my Dad

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Everyone has a time in their life that is really difficult and they aren’t sure what to do or how to react. For instance, health, school, sports, or like meeting a new person for the first time. Meeting someone new is harder for some people but for others it’s easy. In my case, it was significantly difficult. My Mom basically raised me by herself. I had a step dad but he was a no body, he didn’t do anything for anyone except himself. I never liked my step dad and my Mom knew of it. She knew I wasn’t happy that she married him, but I dealt with it any ways. My Mom taught me the aspects of life, my manners, respect, the hard and the not so hard things, she taught me the world. She gave me a good life, she gave everything she could as a mother. We were best friends until she lied to me. She kept the most important thing from me and I was not happy with her and still am not to this day. I was in the eighth grade, ready to be done with the middle school and go on to high school. Things weren’t going to great at home with my Mom and step dad and I knew they were more than likely going to get a divorce. I just kind of ignored their arguing and went about my life. I did the typical homework after school, hung out with my friends and other activities. My Mom and I were always taking care of friend’s animals when they were on vacation. One weekend our hair stylist was out of town and asked us to take care of his dogs and so we did. On Saturday night we were on our way to our stylist house to feed the dogs and let them outside and then put them in their kennels. You know the usual. Well, on our way there we were listening to music and just cruising the evening. My Mom all of a sudden shuts the radio off and hands me a stack of papers. They had a bunch of numbers and words that I didn’t understand. When I asked her what they were she started to explain that she loved me and she hoped that she was doing the right thing. The papers sitting in front of me were a copy of the test my Mom had gotten a week before. The test that showed my Dad was one-hundred percent sure he was my Dad. My Mom explained to me that it was my choice if I wanted to meet my biological Father. I looked at her dumfounded. I was so mad and so upset with her lie. Her lie that my Father wanted nothing to do with me, when really he had no idea I even existed. I had no words for her at all. I was Thirteen and my Dad had no idea that I was who I was. The only words I could say to my Mom were “the next flight”. I wanted to go see him on the next flight out and so we did. I was so nervous and anxious but yet still so mad. On the plane and on the ride from Kansas City to Topeka I had so many questions running through my mind. Is he going to like me? What does he look like? Am I going to call him Dad right away? Questions on questions just ran through my head. Some questions that made me angry again. Why did my Mom hide