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The Universal Language
Music is universal to everything, and everyone that is surrounded by it. Music can set apart different feelings and emotions when in various situations. When in a sad mood, one tends to listen to slower songs rather than rap or pop. The reason as to why people listen to the music they do when they are in various moods is because the music depicts their emotion at that time. Depending on one’s personality, they choose the music that suits and fits them. This is a natural instinct; one can either be exposed to different music by family or peers and learn to engage in their taste in music that way, or develop a taste on their own by being adventurous.
In music, there are words spoken whether we want to hear it or not. We hear these lines and they are ingrained into our mind. Whether we choose to or not, we listen and understand these words, and interpret them in our own way. We as people take these words and relate it to what we are going through in our lives. One often hears the musicians create songs about their lives and what they go through in their lives. For example, Taylor Swift writes about love songs due to her past relationships with boys. One can listen to her music and be going through the exact same problem and relate to what the musician is going through; also making them feel as if they are closer to the artist due to their similar experiences and problems that they are going through.
It is an artist’s goal to speak to the hearts of their listeners and really grasp their feelings and emotions. The feeling that the audience gets from the music is what makes different emotions arouse. Music creates a mood in one by creating a tone that they can relate to. When they can relate to the music, they feel a part of the song and makes them want to continue listening. When they continue listening, they become one with the artist is trying to show. People choose their music based on their cultural background and the environment 3they are raised in. The outside