Music Publishers Win $ 6.6 Million In Song Lyrics Copyright Case (2012)

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RE: Music Publishers Win $6.6 Million in Song Lyrics Copyright Case (Gardner, 2013)
Article Synopsis
The article was about copyright infringements done over the Internet with the use of downloads of music. Opening other websites that allows downloads of music and the lyrics to the music (word for word) the co-founder of MySpace finds himself in litigation for copyright infringements. The plaintiffs show that the information obtained on the websites was not legitimately acquired. The operation of the three websites by the defendant was found to be illegally obtaining information about lyrics and downloadable songs. The verdict of the case was for the plaintiff and a judgment went against the defendant. The classification of this is copyright infringements and unethical business practices. Furthermore, the judge charged the defendant per infraction or song lyrics and downloadable songs not a set amount judgment. The judge ordered a judgment of $12,500 per song and attorney fees for a total of 6.6 million dollars for 528 infractions (Gardner, 2013).
Legal Issue
The legal issue that the case centers on was copyright infringements. Legal ramifications are the artists of the songs or products want recognition and pay when an individual uses one’s music or products. If this does not come to fruition the business or individual responsible will most likely wind-up in litigation with the injured party this causes potential monetary loss, a loss of credibility, and loss of future business.
Managerial Perspective
Legal issues affect business as it cost the business and makes the cost of the services or goods