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My American Dream
The American Dream is a complex idea that has changed over time. Many Americans and immigrants have tried to achieve the American Dream and failed to do so. The American Dream is the idea that if you work hard and get educated you will attain wealth, materials, and a higher status. However, I think there’s more to an American Dream than just wealth and materials mainly.
My American Dream consists of financial stability as all others but aside from that I would like to live a simple with good paying job doing something I enjoy. I’d like to finish school not only to make my chances better at getting a job, but to prove to myself and my family that I was able to get through college, something I have always doubted myself on. I would be happy with having a lovely place to call home, not necessarily owning one but just living in a nice home where I spent most of my childhood in California close to my relatives. I want to be able to give back as well and help my mother financially for all she’s done for me while growing up. Most importantly I’d want a family of my own and to be close to them more than anything. If I had all of this, I would be considered the first in my family to have succeeded, and the first to make something of myself.
I believe the chances of achieving this exact dream are slim, but possible which is just enough to keep me going. In order to achieve this it involves a path of knowledge, knowing what resources are available, determination, change, believing in myself, and not letting anyone drag me down. I feel more confident now that I’ve started college because I’ve already put myself on a path of good decision making to continue my education. Just a few years ago I dropped out of High school and I was staying home doing nothing with my life for a while. I eventually started making goals and got sick of doing nothing and passed my GED so I can attend college, now I’m here. It’s all about making good decisions and knowing what opportunities you have available to you. I had to push myself to do this; I had no help in going on about how to sign