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HED 100

My Behavior

Have you ever heard the saying “You’re always on your phone.” Constantly being on my phone all the time is one behavior I would like to change. There has been many different studies to why people are always attached to their mobile devices, IPad, and other electronics. It’s funny because as I am writing this paper I’m actually using my phone at the same time, it’s called multi-tasking. However, I think it’s important for me to change this behavior because not only is it taking too much of my attention, it’s also becoming a distraction to things I should be focusing on. Such as school work, world issues, and eating healthy. This behavior starts to become an issue when other people are approaching me about it. Despite the fact that people are informing me about my behavior, change must start with me. I’ve actually thought this through and tried setting up different goals for myself. One of my goals was deactivating my Facebook account. This social network seems to be the most attention getter, so I decided to get that out of the way. It has now been a month since my Facebook account has been deactivated and I’m starting to see a difference. In addition, I would say I’ve had this behavior since I was about fourteen years old. Nobody really had the authority to tell me get off my phone because I was paying my own phone bill. The reason I’m so attached to my phone is