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I think the most important and the strongest belief i have is that of being a mother. I have a daughter that was born 10 years ago and since her birth i have changed my life and have been committed to raising her to the best of my ability. My daughters father and I were both very young and not very experience in raising a child. I worked very hard during my pregnancy and every day since her birth at making sure that she stays healthy and safe. In the early years i struggled working several jobs with long hours to provide the basics for her. We lived in several locations in her younger years and ended living next to my parents. As a young mother I learned from my mother how to become the mother that i am today. I was able to learn my parenting skills from my mother which still effects me to this day. During the early years of being a mother it was important to make sure the proper nutrition was being given to her and giving love. As years past I was able to grow as a mother as my daughter became older. The demands on being a mother grew over the years. Now along with nutrition and love i added good education. I made sure that after her school day that we did went over her classwork and her homework together. It was important to me that my daughter practice her schoolwork and be the best that she could possible be and not settle for less. I became a single mother after several years and that even made me more focused on being a good mother. I made sure that my daughter was happy and that her father was still involved in her life. That meant for me having to make sure my daughter had consistent visits with her father and understand that the reason her father was not home anymore was not her fault. I worked hard and landed a good job with the benefits needed to provide for both my daughter and myself.

The mothering nature