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My best buddy and I were walking out to go deer hunting on a cold December morning. With frost fresh on the ground, we could see our breath as we walked into the deer stand. It had been very warm all week so with this sudden cold snap the deer should really be moving. We were sitting in an old, beat-up deer stand which has been used for years by my dad, and his father before him. It was just an old grain bin, which we put up on a platform so it would stand 15 feet off the ground for better visibility. On the inside was where it really shined. It was completely insulated with a nice stove in one corner and a heater in the other. It also had six brand new windows just put in just two months ago. Also it had two nice reclining chairs in the center for comfort on those long days with not much deer movement. Some say we overdid it. They say we worried too much about comfort but to us they were just jealous. As the sun was just starting to rise and the shooting time got closer we saw a monster of a buck eating in the cornfield just 100 yards away and getting closer. My buddy says to me, "Cody look at that monster right there!" As I get the binoculars out to take a closer look and suddenly realize that's not just any buck. "That's Big Rick" I said. "I thought he was shot last year by old Mr. Peterson on his 40. I can't believe he is standing right there, what time is it?" I ask He replies "It's 6:10, fifteen more minutes before legal shooting hour." I thought to myself how am I going to wait that long for this buck. I'm already shaking if I wait any longer ill