My Dream Rooms Essay

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All of my rooms will have walls made of African Black wood. The floors will be almost as soft as clouds because they will be laced with wool from Merino sheep of the Castille region of Spain. Each room has 48” by 48” windows that has a good view of Palm beach . One of my rooms will be dedicated to my favorite literature. The shelves will be in the middle of the room and filled with novels of subgenres of fiction such young­adult fantasy, magic, science­fiction, and supernatural thriller, hence the shelves being made of Purple
Heart wood for its color is associated with the concept of imagination and creativity. Also in the middle of the room, in front of the shelves will be the Titan TI­7700: one of the most expensive chairs in the world. The chair has a Zero Gravity feature, positioning the legs at or above heart level. This feature improves spinal decompression and decreases muscle tension of the spine, which is very therapeutic. It is all black, conforms to your body, and comes with a remote. Music of the PBR&B and Hipster Hop genre, such as Macklemore, The Weeknd,
PartyNextDoor, Childish Gambino, Drake, Frank Ocean,
Jhené Aiko, and JMSN, will be played in the background via Pandora on my
Innovator X Wireless Internet Radio. The walls will be painted with facial portraits of my favorite authors. The right side wall, (when you walk in), will have James Patterson. The back has Stan Lee. The left has Jim Butcher. In each corner will have Apple Cinnamon Glade plugins to give of that relaxing scent.
Another one of my rooms will be dedicated to the entertainment. It will have racks filled with IGN’s top games of 2008­2014. It will also be filled with the top action movies based on
Rotten Tomatoes such as The Terminator series, Blade, The Matrix, The Expendables, Star
Wars, Kill Bill, the Taken series, the X­Men series, Spider­Man movies, Mission Impossible series . Most of the video games on the