My Family Essay

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My Family
My family is a sports-loving, barbecuing, two-stepping, camping, someone always injured crazy bunch of weirdoes. We consist of 8 people (6 originally): Daddy, Mom, Jon, Gerynn, Jay, Me, Morgynn, and Garner. Dad works at Cracker Barrel and has been there pretty much since I was born. He’s the strongest, bravest and most loving man I have ever known. Mom is the caregiver of the family and is always in everyone’s business, which is a good thing because if she wasn’t, nothing or no one would ever be fixed. Jon came -officially- into the family about 3 years ago when he married my older sister Gerynn, and he fit right in. He’s 24 years old and the best brother-in-law you could ask for. Then there’s Gerynn. She’s just downright insane to say the least. Not the “needs to be institutionalized” crazy but the “something’s definitely wrong with that one” crazy, which makes our family even better. She’s 22, has tattoos galore and is fixing to graduate from UT with a degree in psychology (I know, fitting right?). Jay is 19, to say the least he’s the best thing about this family. He has Asperger’s Syndrome and, though you do notice it, I don’t think any of us would have him any other way, he made me realize just how much someone can love you. Then there’s little miss Morgynn, and don’t let that introduction fool you, she’s 4 years younger than me and we get asked if we’re twins. She’s obsessed with Harry Potter, so much so that in 6 months she’s read the series 3 times and that’s all she wants to read, EVER.