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My Professional Goals

My purpose for work is to serve as an Operations Support Analyst. I will research outstanding items to determine the cause. By assisting my team lead, I will help to develop solutions for immediate problems, by initiating fixes in the appropriate systems and communicate this to the appropriate parties. I will lead meetings between various entries to resolve issues and /or develop long-term solutions for process gaps.
My purpose as Operations Support Analyst this gives me the opportunity to work as a part of a team in an atmosphere that fosters challenges which allows me to meet my own self-actualization needs. This increases my participation in both the company and community while seeking continued knowledge, enthusiasm and improving the quality of life for me and my family. I have gained the respect from my co-workers being responsible in my role promoting both ethical conducts in both personal and business practices. By building on my self-confidence by taking on this role which was completely out of my norm, meaning I’ve never been it the position to be a leader/manager. I will respect opinions and view of others. I will be reliable & accountable for participation. I want to make everyone feel welcome in my presence, and yet retain my strength and individuality. I will use my talents as a communicator to teach others. I will work on assigned task & challenges, while valuing the thoughts of others. I will work on assignments and tasks fulfilling my position requirements. I will work to stay in touch; keeping the communication lines open offering support & help to all members of my team should they not be able to help with resolving issues and discussion making.
As a team player I will create a plan of action utilizing everyone’s knowledge, soliciting input from all. As a Lead I will be responsible and acknowledge each person’s thoughts and efforts contribute by each member I will strive to make a positive difference in every person I interact with and always continue to improve my body, mind, emotions and spirit with truth and love. I will remain teachable and while showing gratification in this role as it will build on both my personal and professional growth.
My current Manger has taken me under her wing not only as the newest member of her team but she has placed me in a position of leadership allowing me to growth under her direction. Using the skill I’ve gain not only in this class but also skill that I’ve acquired in my Motivational-Self Management Class.
After taking those courses I’ve gain more self-confidence and have gone after my own dreams. After doing a self-analysis and using time management theories and techniques I am not afraid to speak up for myself or my team. I now know that I’m capable of working and acting openly, equitably and consistently in my pursuit of uncompromising quality and devotion by boosting the standards of Citi both on as a lead and future manager. I will trust my intuition and inner guidance that will provide meaning, purpose and direction in my life. In turn, this will bestow me with the wisdom and courage needed to stand in my truth and become the leader I was meant to be."
My manager and another lead are giving me the tools necessary to be both a great leader and manager someday. I used skill I didn’t know I even had to gain my current positon. I always thought of networking and politicking as evil. Well I’ve learn something about myself in this new position and class. I use politicking skills I never knew I had and that’s how I gain entrance into my new role. I never before would have said yeah” I’m I the Know” but now I am and it feels good. I almost feel like I have won the lottery.
I will continually develop my potential by acquisition of key personal and professional skills required for advancement into an executive management position within Citi. This is important to me as a career goal. I