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As I walk into that world, a friendly aura starts to welcome its owner. It is not just a place, it is the landscape of my feeling, the photo of my memory, the motivation to moving forward for the sake of my future. It is me. All of us needs a place like that for themselves to fall back to after facing a tough day, where they can be their true selves and show the most of their abilities. That place I feel like being a part of would be my room.

My personal space may not be as interesting as it should but it has become a part of my life that I can never go on without. At first, it is nothing but a normal teenage boys room with a messy working table that is full of notes, textbooks, draft papers along with a computer, Cloths scatter the floor from prior mournings looking for what to wear. At the corner of the room, lying there a comfortable bed which is willing to embrace its owner any time of the day. In addition, the part that I like the most in this chamber is the window. Such a simple object always brings me peace and inspiration with the gift of sunlight to brighten up my mood when needed. Just like what a normal bedroom should be, it is not only my workplace but also the only place I can concentrate on my own inner world.

Personally, this room is more meaningful to me more than anywhere else, not only it helps me escape from the noisy world but also gives me the courage to grow up and motivate myself for creativity. Everytime I look at in my chamber. I cannot see it as a room but more like a temple, a book that records all the emotion and memory. From my happiness when being successful, my upset when experiencing failure to my passion with sports and wonderlust or even my persistence when studying, nowhere else can I experience such understanding of the world then when I wake up to life shining through my window into my sanctuary. Only when being alone can I be my true self, can I put down the calm and smiling mask to show all the real feeling. In addition, while in my place of content, I usually come up with many interesting ideas such as. If I want to better my life, I need to better my attitude. The aura I present should reflect who I am. Ive always gone through life stressed. And if the walls could speak they’d tell you story’s life that of a dairy. Everyone has their own special space, but it is so familiar to me that it unintentionally creates a perfect atmosphere for my concentration with working. Though the library is such a great place, I can devote all the time