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It was a frigid winter’s night in the city of Rooby Hill, during the year 1799. It was so frigid that you could get frostbite just by sleeping in your warm house while you’re in the warmest blanket in the galaxy. And this was very unusual because it’s usually fine around there not to hot and not to cold just the right temperature. The rain pattered and the wind banged against all the windows in the small city.
BANG! That night I woke up to a loud BANG coming from my basement. I got up and ran rapidly to my parent’s room. “MACKENZIEEEEE!” “KIMBERLEY WHERE ARE YOU.” They shouted out in a WORRIED voice. As I was entering the room I found my mother screaming “Kimberley, Kimberley. Where are you?” my father then said, “Don’t Worry we will go looking for her.” I grabbed the touches and we went looking for her. “HAEEEEEEE!” We heard Kimberley screaming in the basement. My parents and I ran as fast as we could to her location. When we arrived there we found her lying on the floor with blood running out of her head.
“Boohoo boo hooo.” My mother started weeping and fell to the ground, my father just ran down stairs. And as the sun was rising I looked out the window and I started walking towards it. As I got closer I could hear footsteps, I looked out the window and I saw a man sliding down the walls slowly. “Mum, Mum, come here.” I whispered to my mother. “What’s wrong?” “There’s a man sliding down the brick wall.” My mother then yelled “What!” I then quickly shushed her “Shhhh”. “Hey” my father yelled out, the man quickly slid down dropped his gun and wallet and sprinted fast as he can.
Two weeks later after Mackenzie’s funeral my mother was planned a town meeting to discuss all the ways we could take action to make sure now other child or anybody gets shot again. “This is ignominious, there has never been something like this here in Rooby Hill, because of this disaster children are afraid to go anywhere by themselves.” My mother said. “She’s not wrong” said a…