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One of my fears happened when I was 8 years old, It was a great day to play with my twin sister, we were alone on the stairs, our favorite game is pretending to be chefs and being in a restaurant so we were playing with our cooking sets with pots, plates, we will also pick some plants outside for our pretend vegetables and some plastic toys. I touched this very realistic toy, I showed it to my sister when it suddenly moved, I threw the toy and I shriek so loud that our uncle who was in the shower got out, my grandfather who was sleeping upstairs almost fell on the stairs, my grandmother who was outside got it and asked what had happened. I was frozen but shaking, I couldn’t speak, and I pointed towards the toy. I saw it moving, that was when I started to cry. My uncle and my grandparents were all looking at the “toy”, my uncle picked it up and I ran away and cried in my room. It was the day I got a fear on millipedes. When I am afraid of something like the millipedes and also the dogs, I will froze, I will have trembling hands and I will have a little breathing problems. My fear on dogs started when I was 10, I had dogs as pets before, but one day my grandfather got a dog, a bulldog, he’s name is chippy. I love to run around in the house when I was younger. He was cute but he will always chase and try bite me, I guess I’m not scared of dogs it’s just getting bitten by dogs I’m scared of. Just the other day when I was waiting for my friend to pick us up, there was a guy who