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Take Away October 8, 1995 is the day I was taken from my mom. I didn’t know what she had done; I thought she didn’t want her children anymore. I woke up that morning as if was a normal regular day for my siblings and I. We got ready for school that morning. I could hear mommy yelling “Brush y’all teeth, can’t learn nothing with bad breath”. As everyone giggle, teasing my little brother because we all knew who she was referring too. Rushing to the kitchen to fill ours belly’s up with mommy home-cook bacon, egg, pancake, and grits. We were happy kids with no cares in the world, kissing mommy goodbye for the day. We each went our separate ways to school; I can remember hoping my way to the school bus looking at all the morning people I pass on a daily. Singing my favorite nursery song; ‘Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, and little lamb” with not a care in the world. Through the day I didn’t think not being able to see my mom for seven years or being woke n drag out the bed. Only thing I was concerned about was my sibling, mom, and me. When I got out of school I hurry up home so I can be the first one greeting by mom when she opened the door. First I was the first to arrive she would help me with my homework before my other sibling came home needing her attention as well. She always gave her children the attention we deserve, never making us feel less than the other. She wanted us to do well in school so that we can be whoever we wanted to be when we grew up. She always instilled that education was the key of life. For us to be successful proud American’s, for no obstacles too big to hold us behind. Dinnertime was always wild and crazy each child to tell mom what we did in school and what we learn. Seeing mommy smile brightened my world because I knew as long as mom was happy so were the kids, sometimes we even get extra dessert. After the kitchen was clean and everyone took their bath, we would all sit in front if the TV to watch our favorite cartoon. I look over at my mom and she just had blank look as if she didn’t know what the next move was. Her look was the look of disappointment and betrayal. She tucked us all in one by one telling each of us