Biography Of Manipulative Dictator Kim Jong Il

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Chris, Luki Lilu1
May 4th, 2012

"Manipulative Dictator Kim Jong Il" Hall Of Shame! "Through hard work, persistence, and antagonising control of North Korea, Kim Jong-il became one of the world's best known dictators". Born February 16, 1941 during the middle of World War II, Kim Jong-il became introduced and raised into a family filled of nationalists who frequently resisted imperialism from the Japanese. Kim Jong-il's father, Kim Il Sung commanded the 1st Battalion of the Soviet 88th Brigade, made up of Chinese and both Southern and Northern Korean exiles fighting the Japanese army. As a child Kim Jong-il had been recognized because of his family (The Biography Channel). In January of 1948, Kim Jong-il's father became dictator of North Korea, thus starting the legacy of dictatorship in North Korea . Once Kim Jong Il became of age to enter school, he enrolled to the Namsan School in Pyong Yang, a school that government officials' children attended and approved by Kim Il Sung. While attending the Namsan School, Jong Il became interested in mechanics, and the history of North Korea's communist government (The Biography Channel Website). During Kim Jong-il's school years his main objective seem to focus on persuading his underclassmen to succeed in their education and curriculum for his country. In high school, Jong-il took on a leadership role when he became vice chairman of the Namsan School (The Biography Channel Website). Then in 1960, Kim Jong-il, at the age of 21 enrolled to Kim Il Sung University; there he focused on Marxist, political economy, and a little bit of philosophy an North Korea's military (The Biography Channel Website). Kim Jong-il graduated from Kim Il Sung University, with degree in political economy (Joyce Hart 95).

After Kim Jong-il began taking steps towards ruling the country, such as his father (The Biography Channel Website). He first worked as director of KWP's (Korea's workers party) Central Committee Springer2 Organisational Bureau, which became the official ruling party of North Korea'( The Biography Channel Website). In July of 1961 Kim Jong-il, succeeded in his plans towards taking steps through the communist government and started to advance through the ranks of the 'Workers Party'. Kim Jong-il's father immediately made him the leader of an important military to increase the party's stability over the military ( The Biography Channel Website). By 1971, Kim Il Sung began preparing his son to control North Korea. Kim Jong-il oversaw the propaganda and agitation department, the government agency responsible for media control and censorship. .Finally in October, 1980 Kim Jong-il became North Korea's new dictator, but did not control everything his father still controlled part of the government (Hart, Joyce 95). Kim Jong-il became very wary of other countries, rude, and contriving. Citizens started trying to flee the country because the government started taking control of their families homes (The Biography Channel Website), such as making families exhibit a shrine of him in their homes that had to be kept clean at all times. Kim Jong-il would spout false information to the North Korean citizens, such as claiming himself as God and falsely accuse the citizens of creating debt to their country. When 1991 came around, Kim Jong-il