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Note-Taking Skills
American Military University
07/28/10 Note-taking skills are a necessary tool to have and use when it comes to studying. By utilizing notes, studying for a test or quiz can be made much easier. Note-taking skills can help a person better understand the material being learned. Some people learn better when they write things down, and taking notes help them learn better versus just reading the material. When taking notes, one can go back at a later time and look at the notes to help remember key facts and events. There are different methods of note-taking. According to the research found by Concordia University, there are five effective methods of note-taking. Methods include Cornell, Outline, Map, Chart, and Sentence. Some have their advantages and some have their disadvantages. The advantages to using Cornell are it is simple, organized, and easy to use. When it comes to Cornell, there are no disadvantages. The Outline method is well-organized when done correctly. However, it requires more thought during class, it isn’t ideal for reviewing at a later time, and if the lecture is delivered too quickly it can’t be used efficiently. The Map method is great for visual aid, is easy to edit whether it’s with letters, numbers, or colors. It also shows clear relationships between the information. The disadvantage is that it may be hard to identify the main point. The Chart method reduces the amount of writing and is an easy review of facts and the relationships between them. Set-up sometimes takes practice and it requires a fair understanding of the material being delivered. The last method is Sentence. Sentence is very efficient and the rewrite is good preparation for tests. However, it does tend to focus more on recording rather than understanding. It also takes time to rewrite and isn’t good for reviewing. (“Find Your Note-Taking Style”, n.d.) Each style and method is designed to help take good and efficient notes. It all depends on the person taking the notes as to which method works best. Taking notes is simple, it just takes time to master. There are also many ways to take notes. When it comes to taking notes, Lengefield (1994) stated “Do not try to write down every word the instructor says” (p. 19), make sure to write down the main ideas, key points, dates, people, places, etc. not only because there is a good chance those will be on a test. When highlighting, don’t highlight everything little detail. If that was the case, everything would be highlighted and a person wouldn’t know where to start or what to study. There is no need to highlight paragraphs and sentences. Only highlight what is important to remember, especially if the instructor says its important. Some people need to see what they’re learning rather than just reading about it. If that’s the case and a person is a visual learner, sometimes drawing graphs, charts, or illustrations can help with taking and understanding notes. There are many more ways to take notes, just have few have been listed. There are many ways to improve note-taking skills. One way is simply by listening closely. By listening closely, a person can hear the important information and can write it down versus writing down everything the instructor says. Another way is to use flashcards. Flashcards enable a person to write key words or questions on one side and answers on the other side, which can help with memorizing and learning the material. By taking notes, then rewriting the notes into one’s own words can also improve note-taking. By rewriting the notes, one can have a better understanding of what the instructor is trying to say. There are many more ways to improve notes, just a few however have been listed. It is important to be able to takes notes effectively. Not only can you use notes