The Rick Test: Test For The Stroke Risk

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The disease that I choose to take the rick test for is the test for the Stroke risk. I choose this test because I know that in the past I have lost an grandmother to a stroke so I would like to know if the things I do in my everyday life would put me more at risk for having a stroke. A stroke is the potentially debilitating or fatal condition that occurs when the blood supply to a portion of the brain is interrupted. If a stroke occurs the outcome can start with just the minimal for just a minor loss of thinking to paralysis or loss of speech or even death.
Some of the risk factors that can cause you to have a stroke are having a blood pressure that can be to lower. Not eating healthy can out you at more of a risk. When you allow stress to overtake your life that is a big risk that can potentially cause you have a stroke. When taking the test I am proven to be pretty healthy it is just the fact that I am already over weight but I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but I need to work out more. I walk and things sometimes but I guess not enough but the test say that my risk of a stroke are very low but I still need to get the real factors from my doctor.
To help me beat the chances of having a stroke are to be more active. I do not eat red meat so that is a good thing now I may eat fish and chicken a lot, but maybe not enough to get all the things that I may need from them. When it comes to fruits I can eat them all day I love watermelon, strawberries, and other