Palm Oil Essay

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No Name Palm Oil I guess I was never aware of what palm oil really was, or how big of a problem it is becoming throughout the world. These two articles really opened my eyes to the negative effects that the need for palm oil causes. I read the Forbes article first, and that article took time to scrutinize the Rainforest Action Network. The author does not agree with the extensive practices that the RAN takes to get their message across. The author also takes time to give his own view and challenge that the need for palm oil is so harmful to orangutans. He gives a quote along the lines of “History has shown that wealthy societies protect the environment the most.” He goes on to say that the poor countries where most of the palm oil comes from should not have to worry about their palm oil production practices. Instead they should be more focused on growing their economy so that they can better protect the environment in the long run. The other article was an anti-palm oil production piece that discussed the negative effects that come with this growing need for palm oil. It demonstrates very thorough research of the results that come from this situation in rainforests, and especially in poorer countries. It lays out the differences between safe and harmful manufacturing of the aforementioned palm oil. It discusses the harm that comes from deforestation, mainly its effect on animals nearing extinction in those tropical countries. Both pieces take time to discuss the loss of orangutans in the…