Peer Pressure Essay

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Nowadays student teens take peer pressure to a whole other level... I mean it could about anything, sex, drugs, money, and gang violence. It effect people some people my age care about what other think of them…like if someone say go do drugs with someone and you say no they may be like umm dude you are lame or something. But to me people shouldn't really care about what people care about them whoever you are you should be proud and hold head up and say I’m glad I didn't so what they wanted me to and I’m glad that I didn't have sex with that person. People should pressure other people to do something because they think it’s cool I mean what they think is cool could get you in a lot of trouble like with the law or with your parents depending on what it may be your getting trouble for. People tried to get me to do things I was cool with doing. I may have done things in my past that I regret doing because I know it was wrong but how are you going to learn from your mistakes if you never have any. But I guess what I am really trying to say is pressure today end up with someone dead, hooked on drugs, or behind bars. And that’s not good. But most of those things aren’t really from peer pressure most kids my age learn from their parents because they wasn’t really taught by their parents right and its sad to see another kid my age go through things that teens shouldn’t really go through. I think if it wasn’t for peer pressure people wouldn’t really learn from their mistakes. I think pressure back then wasn’t as bad as it is now because now people are pressured to kill you know I don’t feel like that’s right. First of all why would you pressure someone to kill