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New Beginning
Stephanie Orosco
There are many decisions that you have to make when becoming an adult. As for me, I had made a choice to attend Lourdes, and coming from out of state it was hard to leave my family. Making this decision will in the future better me, and encourage me to pursue my career in business. Again, there are many different fields that I could go into in the business field in which I haven’t quite decided yet. When I am exploring the different options through the business field, I will then see what the future will have in store for me. Attending Lourdes will expand my opportunities in living experience, the business field and to pursuing my future goals.
Coming from a dry climate like Arizona made me want to explore new atmospheres and to get a start to a new beginning. Therefore I have chosen Lourdes because the campus is beautiful and the staff is amazing. There are many people on campus that are willing to assist you with anything that you need. Staying here at Lourdes will better my future in the business field and with my personal goals. There are many things that life will teach you and one will be to live in the moment and continue with the path that will make you happy.
When I came to Lourdes I was looking into the medical field, but I knew that I would not succeed, I had then took my first business class. My first business class gave me an overall look at the different fields that I could become interested in. Learning about the Accounting and the Marketing where the two fields that pulled my attention, I am still undecided with which route I would like to take. In my future, I want to help people because I enjoy doing so to make them happy. If