Pitching: Baseball and Game Essay

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There are many different aspects of the game of Baseball. Essentially pitching is if not the most important of the game ( this may be controversial ). Think about it, without pitching there isn’t any baseball game being played. Argueablly pitching can be the most difficult position in the game of baseball. While pitching there are many things to keep in mind such as pitch count, what pitch to throw, where to locate that pitch and whose up to bat , but that’s just a small portion of it. In this paper im just going to focus on the some mental aspects of pitching which is ultimately your overall attitude while on the mound. This is very important to the success of the pitcher. Enjoy. If you love something and enjoy participating that activity/sport then obviously you would want to be active in that sport/activity all the time . It is important to keep a clear and positive mind when thinking about the game before hand. Most successful before a game is played , has things they do before a game to get them mentally prepared , like a routine or ritual. Being a pitcher this is very important for success because pitching is ultimately the most stressful and mentally draining position in the game. While on the mound you have to think about a lot and if this is not properly handled then the game can take a toll on you for the worst. So by preparing yourself ahead of time , you will be already ready to pitch and with a positive mental state, success is soon to follow. It is important to keep your composure on the mound through successful and tough outings. I have often heard this quote, “Baseball is a game of failure” by a coach and a personal mentor of mines Rogernald Jackson. Now lets compare Baseball to a test. If on a test you scored 3/10, the percentage you would received would be 30% which ultimately results in an F and you failed the test. In Baseball if you hit successfully 3/10 times consistently, then you are considered a great player. This means out of