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United enterprises is a telecommunication systems vendor which operates within very competitive market conditions.This report is about providing United Enterprises,a short term and long term direction by planning a strategy to reach its marketing objectives and also by resolving different issues as per its customer requirement to provide them efficient services.

United enterprises,a telecommunication company which provides its consumers with landline and mobile access to both telephone and internet resources .This company has delievered a strategic plan in order to improve infrastructure of company. This plan includes development of a new application to allow customers to retrieve their account and invoice information online.As every company intend to provide excellent services to its customers likewise United Enterprises is also striving to satisfy its customer needs by designing this online application as in this new era people are more inclined towards using new technologies.According to requirements of consumers new services will be provided to them and they can use these services at their home or wherever they want.This online application will not only help its customers to save their time but also they can easily manage their accounts online.
Development of such an application can provide plenty of benefits like firstly, this can enable customers to enjoy services at home or while travelling.Secondly,it will provide more flexibility to customers.Thirdly,it will also increase customer service. Moreover,this can lead a company to reach its objectives and goals easily and also it will make company to stand in market among other reputed companies. There are number of risks if this application is not developed like:
 Lack of using new technologies like internet or other by the company can lead the company down .
 It can lose its customers as today people use these kind of services daily.

The main objective of this plan of company is to provide their customers quick service by developing such online application.This application will be able to avail company’s consumers to manage their accounts online at every nook and cranny of the area by sitting at their place. Using this application, campany can also get immediate feedback on products and services from customers, which enables customers to pay for services or goods without having to write a check or swipe a credit or use cash.The development of online application includes:

customers can handle their accounts and easily at any location.
Customers can provide their feedback and can take help regarding any issue they want.
Customers can process bill payments.
Enable company to interact with audience directly.
It will also led to product upgrades moving at a faster rate.
Company will grow at faster rate by providing such services easily avail to its customers.

Planning is defined as anticipatory theoretical activity of doing managed sequences actions to achieve specific target or goals.
Three planning techniques are:

These are the factors that are responsible for the success of a project. These are the areas where things must go right in order to succeed. If there is any difficulty in these areas, managers should set goals and objectives in order to eliminate these difficulties. The critical areas and the factors that are necessary for success for a project includes:
1. Business management issues:
These issues includes:
 Obtaining agreement with the organization’s executives on how the application will be managed within the firm.
 Operating the functions using organizations cultural norms.
 Highly skilled people are hired and retained for the task.
 Good management skills are practised.
 Utilize best IT techniques to increase productivity and financial returns of company.
2.Strategic and competitive