Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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Throughout the years and the different cultures birth control has become a political issue. Birth control should be available to teens without prescription because it could help aid in lowering the risks of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, prevention of ovarian cysts and help regulate the imbalances in their bodies,prevention of suicide in young mothers, and also help decrease high school dropouts due to unplanned pregnancies.
Some may argue against this and say that many teens do not know how to properly use birth control. However, teens could be at risks due to lack of knowledge of how to use birth control. Birth control would be provided by free clinics who would reinforce teaching of birth control and its effects. Birth control first became a contraceptive and a control on fertility. Over the years there have been many different methods and in some cases devices that were used to prevent pregnancy. At one point, abortion was even considered a form of birth control.
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They used acacia leaves and lint in the vagina to block the sperm from entering. Another method used when a gummy substance that covered the cervix or also know as the “mouth of the womb.” The gummy substance was a mixture or honey and sodium carbonate and dung from a crocodile. This would be applied as a gel across the vagina.
Moving forward to the Medieval and early modern period the different cultures continued to expand their studies on birth control and came up with some different forms. In Islam they used different names such as elephant drug, cabbages, and pitch. Depending on the situation these would either be used separately or they could be mixed together for better results. In South Asia methods were called powder palm and leaf red chalk. Honey, ghee, rock salt, and seeds from the palasa tree were also used to make a prescription for birth