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A big stressor in my life, especially right now, is school. It’s finals week right now, so I have a lot of studying to do and not enough time to do it, especially because soccer season just ended and basketball season started Monday, and those take a lot away from studying time. Looking online, the two sites that I found gave helpful information about managing my stress were http:// Stress_Management/Managing_School_Stress.aspx and
These two sites gave me great information about how to manage my stress and time so that I will be better rested and ready for test-taking. The biggest lesson I’m taking away from the sites is that prioritizing is the most efficient way to do things. Instead of putting of studying for a final that’s on Tuesday and studying for an easier one on Friday, start studying in order of the days, because your brain will handle that better and you’ll be better prepared when you need to be.
Similarly, cramming before the test is very negative for you, as I learned in an earlier
Psychology lesson, and you will learn better if you study a little each day.
Another big idea that arose from both of the sites was the idea of keeping yourself healthy all throughout the week. Eating every meal, getting a good amount of sleep, and eating healthy and protein-filled foods are all daily activities that