Red Hood Essay

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There once was a sweet little girl who was loved by everyone on the east side of the river, but most of all by her kind old grandmother. Once Grandmother gave her a beautiful little red Lululemon sweater and from then on she was known as Little Redhood. One day, Little RedHoods mother said: "Little Redhood, take this cake and wine to your ailing grandmother, she's very weak and will enjoy them, but be weary she's in St. Pauls Hospital across the bridge into the Westside.". "Yes mother." she replied. You see Little Redhood hadn't heard of the stories about the West Side, and how it was full of panhandlers, vagabonds and drunks. Little Redhood was as naive as she was sweet, and as she skipped through the door on her way to see grandmother she hadn't heard mothers final words of warning. "Be careful and don't run or leave the path." As Little Redhood crossed one of the many bridges over the river into the West Side, a dirty old man named Wolfe, stumbled up to greet her. You see old man Wolfe had developed a nasty drinking problem after his stay in a residential school and hadn't been able to support his addiction. Not knowing what a wicked beast Wolfe was when he is drunk, Little Redhood ignored mothers warnings and began to converse with him as he trotted along with her. After Little Redhood naively informs, the drunk, Wolfe of her plans to bring wine to grandmother, he begins to hatch a plan to steal the bottle and everything else in grandmothers room. "Your frail grandmother will need a corkscrew to enjoy her gift, my dear. Why not run and fetch one?" Wolfe asks. With a childish nod and a turn of her shoes off little Redhood went in search of a corkscrew. "Now I have time to run ahead and get rid of sick old granny before, that sniffling little brat gets there with MY gift." Wolfe chuckled to himself. Running ahead Wolfe got to grandmothers much before Little Redhood. Buzz Buzz went the buzzer in Grandmothers room. "Who is it?" called Granny in a breathless way. "Why it's me Little Redhood with wine and cake." called Wolfe in a high pitched squeal. As soon as he heard the buzz of the door Wolfe ran in, grabbed Granny and stuffed in her a bag in the closet. Wolfe quickly put on Grandmothers clothes and climbed into her bed when there was