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Unit 11- Customer Relation in Business
Assignment 1 -Working with customer
Katarzyna Szumik

My friend is desperate for a part-time job and has got an interview at Asda. I have promised to her to help her about the question she might be asked. In order to help her I decide to send her e-mail in which I will highlight the different types of customers, their needs and expectations together with the benefits of the good customer service to all.

Task 1

Dear Kate
Congratulations with your interview in Asda. You don’t have to worry about the things that you ask my for help with, because all last month I have been study the Customer Service in my college and now I know how to solve your problems. The tree different types of customers which you may meet in Asda are: * * Colleague (this is the internal costumer)
* He may ask you in which order put the product on the shelves * How to use till * How to dill with customer which product is damage and need exchange
* Clear instruction for example how to deal with customer which product is damage and need exchange * Show how to use till by show how it work * Quick and effective solution to the problem * Be professional all times

* Foreign customer-It may only become obvious that someone cannot speak English very well.

Needs * Speak relatively slowly * Use simply English words * Do not use slang or local expressions * Use short sentences * Write it down (their reading skills can be better than their listening skills) * Do not shout, be embarrassed, laugh or show impatience, tone and pace is important

Expectation * Good Service * Clear instruction for example where find the product * Respect * Attention * Quick and effective solution to the problem

* Know which of your colleagues speak other languages and ask for help if you need it * |

* Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing-You cannot tell if someone is deaf by looking at them but remember that some of deaf people can lip read.

Needs * Look at person when you are speaking * Don't speak too quickly * If asked to do so, write down what you want to say * Don't shout * Know whether your organisation offers the Type Talk service to deaf people who may contact by phone.

Expectation * Someone who can communicate with * Give instruction which he can understand * Good service * Respect * Attention * Quick and effective solution to the problem

So far you could see lots of expectation and needs however it’s differs in many ways. You can see that needs and expectation changing depending on the problem they want to help them with. Problems do not always have the same solution therefore; we will not always use the same solutions. Problem will change needs an expectation because people are different and they need different thinks.
On my course I learn that costumer service bringing lots of benefits for the company. As well ‘Asda’ getting lots of benefits, by providing good customer service. I think that you heart and you know about word of mouth. Asda can get recommendation by satisfied customer and this doesn’t cost them anything. Its building good image for company and bringing new customer what resulting profit of company.
Benefits are not just going to the company as well employees and customer getting benefits.
For employees it’s bringing better quality of work. Staffs are more enjoyable because they know they doing good job and costumers are satisfied. The customer service relationship with regular costumer. They won’t to achieve high standard in result is bring satisfaction for customers, employees and company. When the all sides are satisfied company like to better pay give bonuses and promote its good opportunities for individuals. The grate job of security because companies with many satisfied customer are