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Brilliant Technologies

Request for Proposal for Certified Technician Trainer

RFP 20130122

January 22, 2013

Professor V. Hayden

Company Introduction

Brilliant Technologies is presently seeking a Certified Technician Trainer for the training of staff in networking and telecommunications for the entry level positions. This Request for Proposal (RFP) contains all the details that entail this project such as company back ground and range of work we do along with the project details. If your agency/company would like to be in consideration for this project, please submit a written proposal by later than March 22, 2013.

With this project, we intend to fully train the staff of Brilliant Technologies in networking and telecommunication. Upon completion of the training each staff member will be proficient in networking, phone and data lines and audio video distribution along with being certified.

Project Introduction

The project’s goal is to have the entire team of trainees from Brilliant Technologies trained in technician work with certification upon completion. Brilliant Technologies consist of five employees per location with two locations.

The timeframe for this project is as follows:

• January 18: Distribute RFP to various agencies

• March 22: Deadline for agencies to have proposals submitted.

• April 15: Brilliant Technologies will be available for agency inquiry.

• May 15: We will contact the agencies that will be considered along with agencies that will not be.

• May 20 – 25: Agencies will be presented to team members

• June 1: Contact agency chosen and draw up contract.

• June 15: Start date for new agency and meeting with team members.

The budget for 2013 training will be set by Brilliant Technologies when agency is elected. The range for the budget is $35,000 - $40,000.

Administrative information

The desired…