Role Play

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Role Play
(Parts A & B)


Interpersonal Communication, COM 512
Dr. Cathey Gillotti, Professor
November 14, 2012

My role play consisted of an relationship between a mother and a daughter who had an very close relationship. The daughter, who's name was Jackie was an freshman and honor roll student at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Jackie had great support from both her parents while trying to pursue her goals. The communication between Jackie and her mother Sara was always open and they shared almost everything together. Jackie's childhood memories consisted of all the things that she has shared with her mother and the things that they have done together in the past. Jackie is the only girl and the oldest out of her two siblings. Communication has always been the main key to Jackie's and her mother's relationship. However, things changed quickly between Jackie and her mother after Jackie received and unexpected inbox on her face book page. After clicking onto her message inbox, Jackie received an message from a male by the name of Ed who confessed to be her biological father. For as long as Jackie could remember, she always thought that the man that raised her name Rodney was her biological father and was never told anything different then that. Jackie carried the last name of Rodney's and was never treated as nothing other then his daughter. As Jackie continue to read the message from the man name Ed who claimed to be her father, he began to explain to her through the message that her mother had kept him out of her life since the very first day that she entered the world. He continued by telling her that Rodney was not he biological father, and that him and her mother both have kept all of this information a secret. Jackie grew emotional and replied by stating that everything that he was saying was untrue. Ed replied by telling Jackie that he knew that she was in college and he wanted to apologize for not being a part of her childhood experiences, but wanted to develop an relationship with her as an adult so that her mother had no say so in him getting to know her.
Jackie grew even more devastated as she continued to read the message. She could not believe what she was reading and was in disbelief due to the relationship that she and her mother shared. Filled with lots of rage , frustration, confusion, and emotions, Jackie called her mother immediately to get some confirmation that this was not true and that someone was playing games with her. Jackie called her mother Sara very emotional. As Sara picked up the telephone she was excited after seeing Jackie's number appearing on the caller identification. As usual she expected to have a mother daughter conversation concerning her daughters college life, and the things that were going on back at home. Sara answered the telephone full of life and joy with a warm greeting. The phone grew silent because Jackie had no clue as to how to address the issue in which she was hoping to find it untrue. Jackie began to sniff a little with an real trembling voice. She began to explain to her mother what had just taken place. Jackie's mother took a long pause and began to cry. Jackie asked her mother was it really true. Her mother continued to cry while responding and admitting that it was true. Jackie grew angry and asked her mother how could she do that to her and thought that they had a very close relationship and have always been able to communicate about almost any and everything. Her mother began to explain to her that her biological father had left her when he first learned that she was pregnant by him. Sara continued to explain to Jackie that she met Rodney when she was a baby and that he asked her to join hands with him in marriage and to adopt her as his own daughter. Sara told Jackie how the courts put out public notification on several occasions trying to locate