Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Their story is about love, sacrifice, courage, honor, faithfulness, humility, forgiveness, loyalty and friendship.

Love…. Because, their story is still the greatest…they just saw each other for the first time…looked into each other’s eyes… they kissed and they both decided to get married.
Sacrifice… they knew they cannot get their relationship in the open, yet they still went on, even if their families are feuding for so many years. Their lives were sacrificed, but the outcome was great…the families reconciled after decades of feuding.
Courage….they were both brave to just go on with their love and they wanted their marriage to be consummated against all odds…When Romeo heard that Juliet was dead, he killed himself, too.
Honor and faithfulness…when Juliet learned that her parents wanted her to wed Paris, she told herself that she cannot go on with it, as she herself, is already married to her one true love, Romeo. She chose to die, too, when she found out that Romeo was dead.
Humility and forgiveness… when Romeo & Juliet died, both families decided to end the feud, after decades of not talking to each other, nor any of their kin, not even wanting to be in the same place at the same time….they have to surrender everything, their pride and anger to one another… This family feud was resolved also with the intercession of Prince Escalus, the ruler of Verona, who has attempted several times to prevent conflicts between the families in the past.
Loyalty and friendship…when Friar Lawrence learned that Romeo and Juliet wanted to get married, he did…he also made sure that Romeo and Juliet would consummate their marriage…when Juliet asked for his advice on what to do because her marriage to Paris was moved forward, Friar Lawrence was the one who made the plan on Juliet’s drinking a potion that will make her sleep for 3 days (although people will think that she’s dead) and when she wakes up, she will ran away with Romeo…however, there was no communication between the Friar and Romeo, so he (Romeo) did not know about the plan.

William Shakespeare

There lived two famous families in Verona, Italy – the Montagues and the Capulets. These two families are deadly enemies for as long as anyone can remember and their enmity never stopped at just harsh words, but also involved bloody duels.
Romeo, son of old Montague, is in love with Rosaline, a beautiful girl, and thinks that he loves her, but Rosaline does not return his affection and Romeo was heartbroken. His trusted friend Mercutio, wanted to cheer him up and told Romeo about the masquerade ball at the Capulets. Romeo learned that Rosaline would be there, too, so he decided to go. He and Mercutio wore masks and their