romeo and juliet Essay

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Love at first sight quickly turned into an obsession in the play called Romeo and Juliet. As this obsession grew Romeo and Juliet were involved in many difficult tasks to maintain their love. There love for one another eventually became fatal. Obsessive love has fatal consequences. The love between Romeo and Juliet counted a great deal of obsession. Confusing love with obsession can lead romance to a fatal end (Ambrakhare). The love started out at first sight quickly turned into an obsession, in the play Romeo and Juliet. The family feud caused their love to become very confusing. An established relationship between Romeo and Juliet was very hard to obtain. As Ambrakhare emphasized, confusing love with obsession lead Romeo and Juliet lives to a fatal end. In the play Romeo and Juliet the family feud was the main idea. Romeo and Juliet both came from different sides. Even though they came from different sides they still were obsessed with each other. It’s the heart, when you love somebody, you don’t ask who she is or what she is. You just go for it (Raft 2). In act 2 scene 2 in the play Romeo and Juliet just states “what is the name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” The family name did not matter to the two star cross lovers, and was truly obsessed for one another. As the play came to an end Romeo and