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In my opinion I think that Mercutio is the reason of Romeo and Juliet dying. Mercutio was furious and was yelling at Tybalt and Tybalt ended up killing Mercutio because he was really mad at him. And mercutio is Romeos best friend and Romeo was really mad at tybalt for what happened which made Romeo go hulk and he murdered Tybalt which made him have to flee the city because he was going to be put in trial for murder thus him leaving the city. Juliet came up with a plan to fake her death and the friar, the guy who is going to make the potion sent romeo a letter that she is going to fake her death but the messenger came into town and saw her being buried and he went to romeo and told him she was dead. Thereafter Juliet took a potion from the friar to fake her death so she could run away with Romeo because she couldn’t live without her husband. Then Romeo heard the news and he came back into the city to see his wife dead and he got there while she was asleep and he though she was dead and he was like I can’t live without you and he lied next her and went on and on about wanting to be with her and he ended up just killing himself . Then Juliet awoke and she was like oh my gosh I can’t live without you and s killed herself because romeo thought she was dead because the messenger saw her dead because she was trying to fake her death to see romeo who was not in the city because he killed tybalt who killed mercutio because he